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Visiting Loreto Bay is like coming home to friendly faces and a genuine community.  At Baja Boss, our team takes care of you, your home, and guests as part of our family. Let us make your stay carefree and filled with fabulous memories.   Simple pleasures in a complex world … we are here to exceed your expectations!

~ Nellie Hutchison, President & CEO

Message from our CEO

My first time to Baja was in November 2003 when the Villages of Loreto Bay was barely more than a dream and lines in the sand.   After only 15 minutes on the ground, I had a very strong premonition that this was my destiny.  At a time when I was embarking upon a mid life crisis and realizing that my priorities were out of balance, Loreto was the right place at the right time.  The overwhelming desire to be part of something bigger and have the opportunity to participate in a genuine community was intoxicating.   I firmly believe that this is a better place.

As a Canadian I immigrated to the USA in 2004, and then again to Mexico.  The experiences of being a foreigner in new countries gave me the insight of patience and respect for accepting laws and customs that I cannot change.   I moved to Mexico full time and started my businesses in Loreto in 2006.  BOSS is the acronym for Business One Stop Solutions, and thus Baja Boss was created as a full service agency.

For over a decade, our team and its businesses have evolved with the economic tide to achieve a fine balance between hospitality and real estate management.  I have been fortunate to have great staff and many friends in the community whom support my endeavors.   Our success is a direct compliment to the efforts and stamina of many.

I am most proud of the fact that together we have established and maintained an authentic community that integrates people from different social, economic, cultural backgrounds and countries.  As you walk down the street, you will be greeted by friends that you have not yet met with their only motive to be cheerful and respectful.

In Loreto you will find historical sites, beautiful golf course, deep sea fishing and snorkeling all year round, water sports, lots of friendly neighbors, and a relaxed tranquil pace.  You will not find high rise towers, expensive jewelry stores, outrageous priced restaurants that charge for the view; or fast food outlets … and we like it that way!

Come visit us Loreto Bay Homes and experience firsthand the natural beauty of the area; the friendliness of the people; the safe and clean environment … Simple Pleasures in a Complex World. 

Let us know how we can be of assistance to your visit or extended stay.  I look forward to seeing you in Loreto!

Nellie Hutchison (Baja Boss)

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