We have been constantly amazed at how quickly our requests -- large and small -- get addressed and handled with Baja Boss. Things get done faster in Loreto Bay -- thanks to Veronica and Nellie -- than they do at home!  We also appreciate the attention to detail and friendliness of the staff, from the office to the handmen extraordinaire Taco and Fabian. We always know that our house is being looked after, and when we are in Loreto Bay. We're really happy with the Concierge service. It's indispensable. It allows us and our houseguests to completely relax and enjoy time in Loreto Bay. Thanks again, Baja Boss.

~ J & M King, AV 41 (Casa Chica)

It is so nice to have a positive note from Loreto.  You truly are the glue that has helped keep this place viable.  I hope that you make a ton of money for your efforts.  We look forward to seeing you in October.

~ Doug and Roberta - FN456

Thanks, Nellie, you have been wonderful through this whole process. You were able to find a buyer very quickly, negotiated a good deal and followed through with all the obstacles that present themselves in an international real estate deal. All while handling yourself in a very professional manner. We are more than pleased.

~ Thom and Kristy Myers - FN361

Sounds like Loreto worked its magic with our VIP guests  :)  I am sure you and Jorge had a lot to do with it !!  Again thanks for taking care of them and getting everything ready.

~ Russ and Cindy Demers - FN109

Nellie Hutchison was truly and sincerely awesome in the handling of the management and sale of our Loreto property.  Her level of caring, service and professional was outstanding.  Attention to detail from beginning to end and her genuine concern for our well-being first and foremost is deeply appreciated.  Thank you, Nellie, for a job well done!”

~ Diane Stech - FN362

Thanks to all of you for a very painless closing from our perspective!  Nellie, we really appreciate you pushing forward with this and making it happen - and a special thanks for bringing our personal decor items back to us here in Southern California.  See you in a couple of months!

~ Cater Lee - FN266

I just want to say from 10K feet in the Rockies (from Blackberry) how much I appreciate your top notch service.  Not only is it better, more thorough and communicative than most in the states.., but to have it in Baja is beyond what anyone with 2nd or vacation home experience can reasonably expect.  I'll close with saying that you are my first property manager I've actually developed a great friendship with and put a lot confidence in.  Considering all us home owners have endured in LB, you've made owning my Casa Chica worthwhile.

~ Steve Williams - FN493

Nellie Hutchinson and her staff at BajaBoss continue to amaze me with their persistent and thorough service.  Their follow up and keeping the client informed of progress is reassuring to know that you have selected the right professional to handle your real estate transactions. The idiosyncrasies and laws of real estate, property management, HOA's, etc. can be very complex in Mexico and that is why you want to leave your property in the hands of the ' boss..................BajaBoss !!!!

~ Justin D. Page - Former owner / Loreto Bay

Having you on our team is such a critical part of our game plan for recovery after 2009.  We consider you and your team an essential part of our sanity check in the Loreto Bay chaos and stories.  Our lives are richer knowing you.

~ Robert and Luci - FN314

When it came down to choosing a new company we decided to go with Baja Boss and we have been extremely happy and impressed with their operation. We were especially impressed when we arrived on the heels of Hurricane Jimena and found our home ready for us.

Veronica met us with a smile and keys to the house and Ramona was in our home making sure it was ready for us to spend a few days there. In the midst of making sure all the homes under their watch were aired out and safe, Daniel took the time to meet with us to talk about our infrastructure issues and options and our petty requests to install curtains on our upstairs bedroom. (Our neighbors across the walkway may not think having curtains on our bedroom window a petty request!)

And in response to that petty request, Taco arrived with cordless drill in hand and spent considerable time measuring to ensure the rod would be at the right height, centered and straight. And when the cordless drill didn't have the charge left in it to deal with the masonry/adobe brick, Taco came up with the perfect solution and curtains were mounted!

All we can say - is what a team and we are glad they are part of our and the larger Loreto Bay community.

~ Cynthia Laird & Will Cosby - Casa Blue Agave FN238

A quick note to thank-you for all the efforts that you & others have been putting in ...... to benefit all of us.

~ Shellina - AV023

Nellie has put her heart and soul into her business and professional relationships.  My husband and I feel so lucky to have found her.  Her prices are incredible, so if anyone is in need of Property Management, please get in touch with her at nellie@bajaboss.com.

~ Carol Martin - AV95

Nellie and crew have given us peace of mind.

~ Steve and Janice Hopcraft - AV193

I have known and worked with Nellie for close to 8 years now.  She is one of the best, most reliable, efficient, honest, thorough and hardworking people you will ever meet.  Having people like Nellie running businesses and being involved in our project at any level is a blessing. ... my two cents!!!

~ Peter Boddy - FN44

I couldn't agree more. Nellie and her staff are fabulous! There are some great property managers at Loreto Bay. When it was time to make a decision about who we would use, it was important to choose someone who not only had a great reputation, but had an entire team to take care of our needs. I have known Nellie since our first trip to Loreto 6 years ago and have really admired her dedication, commitment, knowledge and spirit she brings to Loreto Bay.

Living in Washington and owing a home there can be challenging.  However, all my e-mails are answered normally within and hour, and everything is quickly taken care of, from a running toilet to last minute guests.  We are so very lucky to have her :)

~ Diane Dahl - FN475

Nellie, thanks a million.  I had full confidence that your team would look after our home like your very own!

~ Shenton - AV176

We all appreciate our support teams for the assistance they provide in looking after our homes while we are away.  Their e-mails to us are comforting and the photos they attach bring smiles to our faces and a better night's sleep.  However, the commitment and care that Gail and I have seen from Baja Boss during the three months since we received our COA has been truly extraordinary. Veronica and Fabian, like "Radar" from movie and television series M*A*S*H, have politely listened to our every need and issue, and then smiled (:-)) as they advised us that the situation was already being addressed.  Nellie has assembled a terrific team, and we would also like to recognize Ramona, Taco, Pancho and Roberto for their hard work and assistance.  Our move-in and punch list are now completed ... Thank you, Baja Boss!

~ Gail and Dean -AV 203

Amen, they are the best!!!  Thanks to all!

~ Robert – AV20

Glad to hear things are going well for you….you are a testament to the power of perseverance.  You are awesome!  They need to at least name a street, if not a town, after you.

~ Scott – FN187


I need to thank you so much for handling such an incredibly difficult situation….not only for me, but for so many of your other clients.  I don’t think there is another person that could have accomplished all that you did…I bet you are also exhausted.  Thank you again for all that you have done for me. 

~ Mimi Wakeman - FN324