Property Management

At Baja Boss Property Management we have the philosophy that the home is an extension of the owners, and by taking exceptional care of your investment we are taking great care of our family.

Veronica Salgado, Vice President

Baja Boss's competitive edge is our loyal committed team.  Our staff has worked together in Loreto Bay for many years, even prior to joining Baja Boss.  They understand the construction, expectations, quality of service and fast response time.  We can handle all your residential and commercial needs in Loreto Bay.  Join our trusted team and be part of the Baja Boss family today!

Residential Management

We began our residential management program in July 2009, just weeks after the collapse of Loreto Bay Property Management Company.  Since then we have grown to manage 130 Villas with proven ability to be flexible, versatile and quick to adapt to the changing needs of our community.  We offer competitive rates, reliable service, friendly in-house staff that is always readily available with a smile.  Our program includes as much or as little as the homeowner needs, with efficient accurate accounting records, and thorough follow up on third party contractors and services.