Tabor Canyon Hike

Tabor Canyon has been one of those MUST DO hikes for years.  This was a good hike up the mountain along trickling streams, vast canyons, and climbing over and under large bolders to reach the other side was always a favorite trek for all ages.  I was told that the last hurricane completely changed the terrain which caused an avalanche of rocks from the sheer force of the water currents.   The level of the hike was raised 4 to 6 feet in some areas and the rock slide closed off several of the access passages.  Hikers have secured climbing ropes and a ladder to get over the 6 or 8 feet high rock wall in some places.  For those that are fit, it is still a great hike to the spectacular waterfall about 2 hours from the starting point. 

This is just one of the natural wonders and beauty that we know as Loreto, Baja.  There are several local guides that offer interesting information as well as lead you to the pictographs from ancient times.   Enjoy!