Special Applause to All Loreto Bay Property Managers

It is raining again! We are having a wonderful storm season with thunder, lightning and regular rain showers. This started 3 weeks ago when we received approximately 10 inches of rain in 4 hours. For three long years the mountains have been barren and Loreto has been a thirst starved desert community. Loreto was suffering a major drought in more ways than water since 2009 when we had our last rainfall. Coincidentally the last storm happened just months after Citibank ceased operations. At that time, 19 independent Property Managers cropped up to offer their services. There were well over 200 homes in Loreto Bay that had water leaks to some degree. It was a mess!!

When we get rain in Loreto, it is a joyous occasion. Temperatures drop to a refreshing level, the air is clean and all the dust from construction is washed away. The mountains and land next to the highway magically come alive with foliage of shrubs and trees, many bearing flowers. We travel this road regularly unaware that this life form is just beneath the surface. The dragonflies that eat the mosquitoes are abundant and everywhere. They are doing a fantastic job by the way. I love to watch them fly about like kamikazes’ seeking and searching for the next morsel to snatch in midair, and then in an erratic path continue their mission to rid us of the nasty gnats. After the rain, there will be thousands of yellow butterflies flitting about everywhere. Walking along the golf course, or driving on the road, it is impossible to avoid being surrounded by these beautiful creatures. It reminds me of snorkeling in Loreto during the summer months when you can literally see more fish than water.

It does however rain havoc (pardon the pun) with the houses. Most have had repairs and waterproofing in the last 3 years and there are few leaks. However, there is still humidity and after the rain the sun comes out to create a sauna like atmosphere which creeps into closed up houses. It is important that the homes are properly ventilated and cleaned after each storm to avoid wood expanding and warping, mold and mildew growing, and watching for those pests that are looking for a quiet dry place to retreat. Our houses have no carpets, drywall, or foam insulation to worry about so the homes dry quickly with minimal damage. All repairs must be done when it is dry and like everything else, we must be patient and wait out the storm. There is nothing to worry about if you are getting regular reports from your property manager.

The last few years have been difficult for all businesses, and the cream rises to the top. It is not surprising that today only half of the Property Management companies have persevered and worked long hard hours to establish loyal clientele. We all know who they are because we see them on the street all the time, working nonstop for their clients. There is a camaraderie among us that is helpful, courteous and pleasant. We exchange information, respect other business and their clients.

I am confident in my colleagues that your home is being well taken care of and you are properly advised of any concerns. If you do not hear from your property manager immediately, it is because they are busy taking care of your home. This can require several attendances, even daily, after each rainfall.

When you come back to Loreto this fall, this place will look more like a Tropical Paradise than Desert Storm. Hopefully this is the end of our drought in more ways than one. On behalf of Baja Boss, we applaud all property managers in Loreto Bay for their dedication to our community. Thank you!