More Changes in Loreto

Dear Friends,

I believe that all owners were copied on the email below confirming the sale of the Inn Hotel, Golf Course and tennis club to Carso Group, which is owned by Carlos Slim, who is consistently among the top 3 Richest Men in the World along with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.  We are very excited to have their management team as our new neighbors. 
The construction of the Posada Buildings has started and by October we will see a full crew working to complete the 51 residential units and commercial floors.  We will start selling unclaimed units as of October 1st, at 30% pre construction discounts.  This is a great opportunity for good deals on single floor living in very unique buildings that already have lots of history!   I am the Project Manager and any inquiries regarding sales should be directed to me personally.  I only have 10 units to sell, on a first come, first serve basis.  Let your friends know about this exciting opportunity.  I will have plans, prices, and more information available by mid October. 
Along with the sale of units in the Posada Buildings, we are ramping up our destination marketing and real estate promotions.  We have decided to renovate and move into FN469 so that we can be close to our Property Management and Rental Office.  Each Tuesday starting October 15, 2013, we will be having a Welcome Meeting from 5 pm to 7 pm.  Everyone will be welcome to come and hear the latest updates and meet new neighbors, old friends, and guests.   We are now refining our listings for the coming season and this is the time to list your property to get it shown to the most possible buyers.  We are expanding our team and offering incentives to qualified Mexican realtors to introduce their clients to Loreto Bay.  
The only thing we can count on in Loreto is Change.  I previously announced that Pescador Grocery was coming to Loreto Bay, but that was a little premature.  We did have an Intention of Interest and commitment from them, however at the last minute they needed to postpone their plans.  We are working on other grocers and hope to have something in place for early 2014 but it is a very expensive and somewhat risky operation to do this in Loreto Bay at this time, as the season still is very short.   Super Ley Grocery has opened downtown and offers very competitive pricing and good selection.  The New Dali Deli will open next month and we hope that Pedro will be carrying a good selection of American products at good value prices.  They will be located in the same location on Benito Juarez. 
I am sadden to say that our recent addition to the team of Julio Rodriquez as our new Landscape Manager did not work out as planned.  He has now returned to Mazatlan ... Loreto is not for everyone!  It is very difficult to get good bilingual well trained personnel to come and stay in Loreto.  In the meantime, we have a small team of in house landscape guys to take care of the regular maintenance and pest control.   We have received bids from Juan Carlos who does fantastic gardens, but is a little pricy.  Also, we will be getting a quote from Cone when he finishes the boulevard landscaping mid October.  We will let you know of our decision and recommendations as soon as possible.  In the meantime rest assured that the gardens are looking very nice from all the recent rains. 
We have had 3 hurricane storms in the past 3 weeks.  This has brought cooler temperatures, some mosquitoes, and beautiful greenery on the mountains and fields.  The staff have been extremely busy ensuring all homes are properly ventilated and secured during the rainy season.  AV was hardest hit and all homes with water penetration have been advised. 
It is a sad to see Road 9 closing as they also invested a lot of money, time and had big dreams for prosperity in Loreto Bay.  We are truly surprised they have lasted the past few years and have always received good service and support from them.  We are meeting with Telmex Managers on Wednesday this week to discuss the best possible options for our clients.  Please do not rush into another alternative until we explore these options.  It is important to go with a company large enough to provide good customer support and reliable connectivity.  Associa will be sending out an email asking for interest and participation with new Telmex services, and we will support them with our client base.  It is important that we have one central coordinated effort, and Associa is the natural place to collect the names.  We will provide more information as soon as it is available. 
I look forward to seeing everyone coming back for the season!  See you in Loreto!
Best Regards,

Nellie Hutchison