Mexico's Best Investment Opportunity - YOU TUBE VIDEO

I am thrilled to be sharing this new video of Loreto Bay with all our friends.  This was taken last week and truly demonstrates how fantastic Loreto Bay now looks.  There was nothing photoshopped ... the place is truly stunning!  Yes, the mountains are that green; and the sea is the perfect shade of beautiful blue; sunrise truly is spectacular and the golf course is ready to play. 

The English link is  or search   for Mexico's Best Investment Opportunity

It's also up in Spanish on La mejor oportunidad de invertir en Mexico

We would ask that all of you share this link with your families on FACEBOOK and other social media networks.  Let's together put LORETO BAY BACK ON THE WORLD MAP! 

By now most of you have heard that Alaska is bringing larger Jets from LAX to Loreto 4 times a week starting in November.  This means more leg room; first class availability; less luggage/pet restrictions; and more space for group travel.  We are very excited that Alaska Airlines has chosen to make this huge commitment to Loreto.  In addition, Westjet will be flying twice a week nonstop Calgary to Loreto.   They have terrific add-ons and fly to most major cities in Canada.  I have just booked my Christmas flight and now easily able to visit my family and friends on a multi trip visit for much less than mixing airlines or having to overnight in LAX or Seattle.  

We are moving full speed ahead on Las Posadas Condominums and you can see from the YouTube video that they are not only the center of Loreto Bay; but will complete our development and establish our community as THE PLACE TO BE whether for retirement, vacation, or group retreat.   Rental demand will be great as there are only a total of 51 residential units; and usually only 50% of the owners wish to participate in rental program.  Our units range from 1200 sq. ft to 4500 sq. ft; and NOW is the time to buy.  We are only offering pre-construction discounts until August 28, 2015.  After that time, sales will resume October 10, 2015 at new prices to reflect the nearly completed buildings.  

Email me today at  or call me at USA 602 628 2920 for more information BEFORE Aug. 28 to qualify for the discounts.  

We look forward to seeing you in Loreto! 

Nellie Hutchison

President and CEO


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