Baja Boss Update November 1, 2011

Welcome to all those that came earlier this year for the Loreto Bay Homeowners Weekend Oct 27 to 30.  The event was a huge success and it seemed there were 200 people milling about the streets of Loreto Bay getting reacquainted with friends they have not seen for awhile.  There was laughter in the air and a very happy positive energy that we have not felt for many years.   The smiles were infectious and everyone wanted to support the local businesses and events.

Our real estate sales kicked off to a great start with our first sale of the season being for an owner that wanted to sell a furnished Casa Chica for the deal of the decade.  Our agents worked very hard and we received 2 All Cash offers within 24 hours to have a firm deal in place.  This listing never made it to the feature board or website before it was snapped up.  It is important that you register your names with Ariel Klein or Drew McNabb to be sure to be on their distribution lists for these amazing deals.

The paseo in Founders Neighborhood is busy with all the commercial spaces doing tenant improvements and busily getting ready to open in a few weeks.  There is lots of excitement and some apprehension whether these new businesses will be able to make it. We have had long talks with all the tenants about the reality of doing business here particularly during the long summer months.  Everyone is well prepared and generous allowances have been made by the Landlord.   The only way to truly ensure the businesses do succeed is for all of us to each chip in and buy that extra cup of coffee, glass of wine or trinket that we may not need or that we already have at home.  A couple of dollars each day will make all the differences to all these businesses and keep amenities available in Loreto Bay, which will ultimately add to our investment.   Think positive and support our new neighbors who are investing time and money into our future. 

We are very happy to launch our new website and hope you will enjoy the many services offered.  Keep coming back as there will be many changes and updates by our whole Baja Boss Community.   The Place to Be!


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