Baja Boss Update June 27, 2011

Homex is continuing to pave the paseo and it is looking great. No landscaping yet, but one thing at a time. They have also started another 3 homes which should be done by the fall.  A couple of large billboards advertising the INN at Loreto Bay and Villas Loreto add a bright and colorful sense of optimism to Nopolo.

The Villa Del Palmar Time Share Resort is open and working through their soft opening this summer with new management and staff.  It is beautiful and a complementary product to Loreto Bay and Homex.  There are many LB owners that have joined and I am pleased to have become a member of Villa del Palmar to support and welcome their financial contribution and proven expertise. We are dependent upon them for additional airlift as there is not enough clout or guarantee from the town or other developers to make this happen on our own.

Baja Boss recently organized an international conference for 30 people, most of who have never been to Baja. This was a corporate conference with executive management from Switzerland, Germany, UK, Texas, Toronto, and Seattle. It was highly successful and contributed $20,000 USD into the Loreto economy in 4 days. We had meetings and Awards dinner at the INN. We used a variety of different restaurants including Mediterano, Mita Gourmet, Il Mare, del Borracho, Hole 19 and private chefs. I am amused to tell you that we actually delivered hot pastries made from the INN to the Hi Guy holes one morning at 7:30 am. The guests used local rental cars, fishing charters and tours.  Consider Loreto for your future events and reunions ... it is good for the whole town!

This summer we are working out the details of our Loreto Bay Rental Program which will start November 2011. This will include internet and print advertising, full concierge services, and event planning. Our concierge services will also be available to those owners that simply want to let their friends use their home. Our rental and concierge programs are open to all owners, although our Property Management clients will have added benefits.  More information will be coming during the summer if you are interested in signing up.

We had a dream ... and that was to be part of a friendly, safe community and we have achieved this by working together.  The next step is to see retail shops and services for our owners and guests.  I am pleased to announce that Baja Boss is now the leasing agent for the commercial spaces along the paseo. I am talking to some people interested in coffee shops, wine bars, gym, bike rental, pet center, home furnishings and decor.

I am committed to assisting the local community to help those that have kept the faith and worked throughout these hard years to prosper.  I know that many owners feel the same way and have offered micro loans ($1,000 to $5,000) to assist local business people to buy equipment so they can open for business in Loreto Bay.

Our part in this is to introduce people that want to be involved in specific businesses with local people that we can recommend to team up with.  This not only provides financial assistance but marketing and business expertise to the local entrepreneur.  We cannot simply sit back and wait for others to finish our dream; we must all take a few small steps to make that happen.  Whether it is simply buying a cup of coffee, or providing a microloan and getting involved with the entrepreneur ... there is great benefit and satisfaction for us to all participate as much as we can.

Have a great summer and keep in touch.

Miss Nellie


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