Baja Boss Update August 13, 2011

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  It is hot and humid in Loreto, but for those few of us that are braving the heat … we are loving the quiet and tranquility.  There is stillness in the afternoon as we enjoy our siesta time indoors.  However, there is construction going on with a number of custom homes starting up again which is great to see.  All the good local contractors are busy and there is a happy positive energy in the air.   This is the time when we see many Mexican and Italian tourists, as well as fisherman who are enjoying the Dorado runs this year.  Life is good!   

Since my last Update of June 27, we have been very busy with potential commercial tenants along the paseo.   Baja Boss is now managing the commercial properties for the Homeowner Investment Group that own most of the commercial spaces in Founders Neighborhood.   I am pleased with the interest and participation of people that we know and love to do business with.  We are finalizing lease documents over the next few weeks and tenant improvements have already started.  Among the businesses to be launched at our Grand Opening of the Commercial Street on November 15, 2011, will be the following:

  1. Baja Onsite Groceries with Evan & Julie, including a new deli;
  2. El Corazon Coffee Shop;
  3. Wine Bar and sales;
  4. Spa Massages & Pedicures by Jovina;
  5. Fresh Market for fish, vegetables & fruit;
  6. Hardware store for lighting and need to have items;
  7. Viva Loreto Tours; including bike and ATV rentals;
  8. First Contact Property Management;
  9. Casa Décor Furniture;
  10. Artesanias del Sol Loreto furniture – Gustavo;
  11. Mattress and Blinds by Eduardo;
  12. BLV Technologies;
  13. Road 9 Network;
  14. Nativos Contractors;
  15. Dorado Real Estate aka Loreto Bay Homes
  16. Bahia Management;
  17. Community Center;
  18. Baja Boss Property Management.

There are only have a few commercial spaces left, so if you know anyone interested in doing business please have them contact me right away. 

Baja Boss is launching our new Rental Program and Concierge Service very soon.  We are developing our new site at  specific for destination marketing and short term rentals.   It will go live next month.  We are offering our loyal clients the first opportunity to be part of our Rental Program with the small set up fee of $75 US per home.  This will include high quality web presence; print advertising in brochure form distributed locally and through our Friends & Family Network; and working with you to have your home ready November 1st, 2011. 

This will be a fun winter!  See you in Loreto! 

Miss Nellie


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