Baja Boss Concierge plans GREAT Events!

Dear Nellie/Baja Boss/Jorge,
Bravo on your new Concierge Services.
Last May you did a magnificent job helping us to coordinate a 30 person, four day, business retreat involving attendees from 6 countries. From the mariachi margarita cocktail reception, catered dinners, outings, spouse shopping, spa visits, church tour and even a final “celebrity” awards night - it went flawlessly. Everyone commented that it was the best corporate planning event ever.
You made it happen.
We have since used your Concierge staff several times for helping visiting business and personal  guests with provisioning, car prep, guided ATV excursions, fishing trips, sailing, medical assistance, bikes, golf carts, kayaking, beach fish fry, golfing, snorkeling, emergency supplies, trip confirmation, shipment reception, legal documents, special transportation to La Paz, and even private scuba lessons in the village pool – all with wonderful, enthusiastic support. 
It made everyone’s trip to Loreto even more special.
Thank you. Thank you.
Bruce Milne
FN 194


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