Air Flights

Loreto is becoming a very beautiful place and I know this is a difficult decision for those that have not been here for 5 years or more.  There are more options to get here as follows:

Alaska Airlines flies 5 or 6 times a week from LAX to Loreto (LTO) nonstop.  The flights are very full for February and March as that is our busiest season.
However, you can book many nonstop flights from your home town to the San Jose del Cabo Airport (SJD) very inexpensively.   Check   to easily compare the fares and travel times.   You can rent a car and drive the 6 hours to Loreto. 
Alternatively, if you fly to Cabo on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you can connect directly from San Jose del Cabo Airport (SJD) to Loreto (LTO) with     which costs approx.  $136 USD one way and takes approx. one hour.  This flight returns to San Jose del Cabo Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8 am to give you lots of time to connect for your international flight home.   This also avoids transiting through LAX for many long trips.    
For those living in San Diego,    also has promotional fares from Tijuana to La Paz (LAP) starting from 1500 pesos or $120 USD.    They also offers flights from La Paz (LAP)  to Loreto (LTO) Sundays and Thursdays from $80 USD one way, or you can rent a car and drive 4 hours. 
Starting March 21, 2013, AeroMexico will be flying from LAX to Loreto (LTO) several times a week.  They are flying a jet for your comfort and fares starting from $520 USD return, incl. taxes.   They leave LAX later in the day than Alaska Air so overnights can be avoided in many cases. 
April and May are my favorite months here as the weather is in the mid 80s with little wind.   We have good deals on rental homes during this time frame.   Enjoy the relaxed golfing and deep sea fishing!    Come and join us as we make it happen! 
Best Regards,
Nellie Hutchison
US Cell   602 628 2920